Hints on how to consult the I Ching online

1. Phrase your question as simple as you can and type it in the filed above. If you don't know how to phrase your question, please visit our Instructions page (see the link above).

1. Choose the I Ching version from the field under the Create Hexagram button -> click the arrow and select the desired version: Wilhelm or Legge.

2. Click the Create Hexagram(s) button. The symbols of hexagrams appear as small diagrams.

3. Click Hexagrams 1 and 2 button, to see the result of the consultation.

4. In the left frame you'll find the current answer to your question. In the right frame you'll find the next hexagram, if there are changing lines. Please keep in mind that the changing lines are stressed with red color (if any).

5. Read the hexagram name and Judgment  in the left frame, also the text(s) assigned to the changing line(s) (if any).

6. Read the concluding hexagram name and Judgment, in the right frame - if there was/were any changing line(s).

Both - the current answer and the next hexagram text - are important. You must read them both.

7. Should you need help with the meaning of the answers, please visit our Support page (see the link above).